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An area steeped in history

Collecting seaweed on Wembury Beach

Collecting seaweed on Wembury Beach

The history of Wembury stretches back over 800 years. Look out over the Mewstone, a former prison and smuggler's sanctuary. Enjoy a hot drink and snack at the Old Mill, which dates back to at least the 19th century. Look out for remains of former holiday camps and military pillboxes, or walk round to Wembury Point to see the remains of the Royal Navy's Gunnery School.

Wembury Historical Society

Find out more and get involved in the history of Wembury by joining the Wembury Historical Society which runs regular events throughout the year. Contact Anne Tolley (Programme Secretary) for more information on 01752 862445.

The Mewstone

The view of the Mewstone mid way through the walk.

From prison and smugglers' sanctuary to nature reserve, this striking island has a colourful history.

The Wembury Mill

Wembury Mill was used to grind corn for local tenants

Now known for its delicious snacks and hot drinks, the mill has been a familiar fixture on Wembury Beach for hundreds of years.

In the 20th century

There has been a military presence at Wembury Point since 1911

From holiday camp to helping protect Plymouth against the Blitz, Wembury has seen many changes in the 20th century.