Celebrating 50 years of the Neptune Coastline Campaign © National Trust

Celebrating 50 years of the Neptune Coastline Campaign

Protecting our coast

In May 1965 we launched our Neptune Coastline Campaign to protect coastline under threat of development. To celebrate the anniversary we launch the 2015 Coast Campaign, looking ahead with a new coastal vision.

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Who we are

Pastel drawing of Octavia Hill

Pastel drawing of Octavia Hill

We were founded in 1895 by three passionate Victorians who wanted to preserve outdoor spaces and prevent them from being built on. Discover more about where we've come from and meet Octavia Hill, the visionary behind our organisation.

Big issues

While we're very passionate about open spaces and historic places, we're working hard in other areas too. We care about energy, the environment, food, farming, transport and heritage - to name just a few of our concerns.

More about us

Are children out of touch with nature?

Writer and TV Producer Stephen Moss explains why he believes children need to spend more time playing outdoors and not become a generation of 'battery hens'.

Food and farming

Local, sustainably produced and seasonal food is something that we care deeply about.

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