Energy & environment

By harnessing the power of nature and being careful with the energy we use, the places we find special can be beautiful forever

Green Living events this summer

Visitors walking in the Rose Garden at Nymans © NTPL/NT/John Millar

Visitors walking in the Rose Garden at Nymans

From seed planting and behind-the-scenes tours to green gardening advice - there will be fun for all ages at our Green Living events this year.

Look out for free entry at some of the places.

Home grown energy

We’re reducing our use of non-renewable fuels and so can you. By switching to Good Energy, who only supply electricity from renewable sources in the UK, you’ll be helping the planet and helping us.

For each customer who switches electricity and gas, Good Energy will give us £40 to help develop our own renewable energy generation projects.

Latest energy news

Grow your own dinner

Our gardening experts are on hand to share the small steps you can take in your own garden to help save water, attract wildlife and garden organically - all with a tasty result!

Brothers in alms

An architectural and historical gem in central London, the Charterhouse, an almshouse that's home to 42 Brothers, has joined the Fit for the Future Network as it seeks to make its buildings more energy efficient and prepared for the years to come.

Why retrofit?

Award-winning author and blogger Roger Hunt explains why, if you own an old home, you should think about retrofitting it to make it more energy-efficient.

Our Green Champion

Kellie Channing, Dudmaston's house steward, tells us about her day - and about her role as one of our Green Champions.

Our community

Everybody likes to have friends. Our community is growing and helping us to achieve our energy targets. Learn about our new Fit for the Future Network, Good Energy partnership and Low Carbon Villages project.

What we're doing

See what is keeping our environmental team busy, search our energy map for projects near you and delve into our Building Design Guides for some project inspiration of your own.

What you can do

Want to be an energy champion but not sure where to start? With top tips on growing your own dinner, saving water and ditching the car for a day, we are here to help you on your way.