What we're doing

The team at Castle Drogo look at plans © Sylvaine Poitau/National Trust Magazine

The team at Castle Drogo look at plans

Our work on planning

Every day, the Trust is engaging in the planning system in some way.

We both respond to other people's planning applications, and as developer, we submit our own. Where appropriate, we comment on Local Plans and seek to engage in matters of national interest.

If you want to follow our evolving thinking on land use and planning you can read our Places blog.

How we engage in planning

  • At a local level

    At the local level we monitor planning proposals are likely to affect the special places in our care.

  • At a national level

    Planning is something that happens right across the country, and has the potential to impact upon our work in a significant way.

Our role as a developer

In the course of our work, we're responsible for some new developments, which means that we're a participant in the planning system.

Our planning principles

These planning principles are used to guide us in our decision-making on planning.

What you can do

Find out more about the steps you can take in your own communities, including how to get involved with neighbourhood planning.