Natural childhood

Every child should have the right to connect with nature. To go exploring, sploshing, climbing, and rolling in the outdoors, creating memories that’ll last a lifetime.

A is for Acorn... check out the wild word rap

Words about the wild are disappearing from the children’s dictionary. The Wild Network is trying to get them back.

Listen to author Robert Macfarlane speaking to our magazine about collecting local nature words.

What we’re doing about it

In 2012 our Natural Childhood report (pdf) brought together all the evidence, painting a bleak picture of children retreating further and further from the world outside.

We couldn’t not do something. So we did three things...

We miss nature and nature misses you

Children have never been more disconnected from nature

Children have never been more disconnected from nature

According to data from the RSPB just one British child in five is ‘connected to nature’. Time spent playing outdoors has halved in a generation. Only one in ten children regularly play in wild spaces. Getting out into nature is good for children’s physical health and mental wellbeing, but getting children back to nature is good for the planet too.

A healthy environment relies on people who care. People who spend time in natural spaces as children grow into adults who care more about environmental issues and seek out natural spaces.

50 things to do before you're 11¾

We came up with a list of 50 adventures to get your kids exploring the wild on their doorstep. There are plenty of events at our places to help you (and your kids) walk, roll, bike, splash and squelch through the 50 things.

The Wild Network

We’ve helped set up the Wild Network, a massive collaborative movement for people who think kids should roam free, play wild and get back to nature. You can join us.

A year of Wild Time

We’ve come together with the RSPB and Wild Network to bring you a free, downloadable calendar to help you plot a year of Wild Time adventures.

Reconnecting kids with nature