Coast & countryside

Did you know we own and manage over 250,000 hectares of land of outstanding natural beauty and over 775 miles of coastline?

Sounds of our shores

Record and share your favourite sounds of the coast © National Trust

Record and share your favourite sounds of the coast

Crashing waves, bustling piers, children’s laughter and chattering seabirds… What sounds most evoke memories of your seaside experiences? We asked you to record and share your favourite coastal sounds to help us create the UK’s first ever coastal sound map.

Fifty years of Neptune Coastline Campaign

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Neptune Campaign, we launch the next phase of our coastal vision and our 2015 Coast Campaign.

Hundreds of thousands of people have donated to our coastal appeals or supported our work on the coast, securing the survival of these special places for all to enjoy.

Protecting our coast

Every mile of coastal footpath that we look after costs us £3,000 each year. Extreme weather and climate change also mean extra care is needed. Please help us preserve the rugged beauty of the coast for future generations.

A ranger's view

Ranger Joshua Day shares his love of photographing the Devonshire coast on camera.

Is this the tallest oak tree in Britain?

One of the oak trees we care for, at Stourhead in Wiltshire, could be the tallest in Britain. Watch as we measure the tree to see if this really is the case.