Success stories

  • New life for fallen trees

    We’ve re-visited some of our places to find out how they’ve used the trees that were lost across woodland, parkland and gardens during the winter storms of 2013. From feeding the rhinos at Whipsnade to creating play trails, we've made the most of what the storms dealt us.

  • Birling Gap

    Discover how our team at Birling Gap have come up with creative ways to manage the  coastal erosion of the cliffs.

  • Surf's up

    We care for over 742 miles of coastline and are big on surfing, with over 2,000 members regularly visiting our coast to get their feet wet.

  • Hidden gems

    There are many geocaches hidden in the countryside that we care for, but what does geocaching have to do with protecting our coast and countryside for the future?

  • Studland cowgirl

    We’re using a herd to sensitively graze the heathland, so if we can also reduce the use of vehicles that will be an obvious help. It also means that anywhere the cows can go on four legs, Lisa can follow on her horse.

  • National Trust at Glastonbury

    2010 saw us attending Glastonbury festival. We thought it was about time we took a good dose of fresh air to this huge event, just to remind everyone that as well as looking after historic houses and estates, we also look after some of the country's most fabulous outdoor spaces.

  • Fixing the Fells

    If you’ve taken a walk in the rugged mountains of the Lake District, have you ever stopped to think about the footpaths under your feet?

    Restoring and maintaining the network of footpaths that climb to over 3,000 feet is a tough challenge.