We care for one of the world's greatest collections of art and historical items. Over a million objects are held at over two hundred historic places.

Racehorse paintings in our collections

Rough Robin painted by Benjamin Marshall

Rough Robin painted by Benjamin Marshall

We care for 11,000 paintings and look after another 2,500 on loan across the 350 historic houses in our care. Many of our paintings feature horses in battle scenes and racing from celebrated artists including George Stubbs.

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Explore over 700,000 objects from artistic treasures to the everyday, quirky and bizarre on our collections site. What will you discover today?

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Ever wondered about the stories behind the objects we look after? Follow our Treasure Hunt blog by our registrar and collections enthusiast, Emile de Bruijn, who shares his delight in some of our more unusual items.

Art collection

We have a remarkable collection of art and the largest single collection of paintings in the UK. Today lots of our houses serve as galleries so you can come and discover them for yourself.

Unusual objects

We've unearthed some of our most intriguing curiosities, fascinating stories and unusual objects in our collection, including the ring that may have inspired Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

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Explore our exquisite collections, and you might be surprised at what you find. With thousands of fascinating objects and even more amazing stories behind them, you'll always discover something new when you pay us a visit.

Our Textile Conservation Studio

Hours of work go into textile conservation

Hours of work go into textile conservation

Our Textile Conservation Studio, based in Norfolk, is our only conservation treatment facility. The team work on textiles of international importance, both for Trust properties and private clients. The work is varied, from treating complex textile projects to offering continuity of care and management.