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We look after the greatest collection of historic gardens and garden plants under single ownership in Europe, if not the world.

Walled garden revealed from new angle

Filming Lindisfarne Castle’s walled garden using a wasp drone

Filming Lindisfarne Castle’s walled garden using a wasp drone

A wasp drone was used to reveal the walled garden from a birds eye view at Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island, showing details of the design created by influential British horticulturist Gertrude Jekyll over a century ago.

The aerial filming was for the BBC series Glorious Gardens from Above.

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If our walled gardens could talk they’d tell you some fascinating stories. With hundreds of years of history they were once places of local importance but many have fallen into disrepair.

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Alan started his career at Stourhead in 1995. He loves to work by the lake and his favourite season is autumn when for many, Stourhead is at its best.

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We've been training gardeners for many decades and run two courses designed for those wishing to develop careers in heritage gardening.