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Find out what our buildings conservation team are up to, and see what skills and techniques they are using to assess and conserve our historic houses and buildings.

  • Keeping traditional building skills alive

    Keen to ensure traditional skills don't die out, we're encouraging our staff to learn and use traditional building methods wherever they can.

  • Putting the house to bed

    Ever wondered why some of our houses shut for the winter, and what happens behind those closed doors?

  • Artist in residence to exhibit at Nymans

    Continuing its popular programme of exhibitions, the gallery at Nymans is entering its second year with a new exhibition by Kent-based artist Mariusz Kaldowski. Full of light and atmosphere, Mariusz's impressions of Nymans gardens will be a delightful accompaniment to a stroll around Nymans.

  • Millstones project: a milestone for Houghton Mill

    Houghton Mill volunteers set about a project to install a new set of millstones so more grain can be milled in the traditional way at the National Trust site. The Mills existing set of millstones, which usually operate every Sunday, were reliant upon the level of the river, too high or too low and they can't operate. In response to demand, a team of voluntee…