Nature & wildlife

As the UK's biggest land owner, we look after a lot of nature and wildlife. We strive to maintain our land as an environment that supports a rich diversity of life.

Weather and wildlife - a review of the year so far

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Wild voices

Wild places

Fingle Woods, Devon

Fingle Woods, Devon

Our woods, wetlands and fens are under threat from the weather. We're working with local communities to secure the future of our places for future generations.

Spotlight on spring

  • Hawfinch

    Guaranteed viewings from the tea-room at Sizergh Castle, Cumbria

  • Otters

    Otters sightings are almost guaranteed from the bridges over Bosherton Lakes at Stackpole.

  • Hares

    Watch for March hares at Wimpole, Irish hares at Wallington and mountain hares on Marsden Moor.

  • Nightingales

    Try peeking amongst the blackthorn thickets below the wooded common at Bookham Commons.

Get grubby with our ecological expert

Peter Brash works with us as our invertebrate ecologist. Find out more about his job in this short video, and discover why the one item he can't be without is a stick for hitting trees with.

What's so special about peat?

Peat is important for nature and for the planet. Find out more about what we’re doing to protect and restore these essential ecosystems.