Nature & wildlife

As the UK's biggest land owner, we look after a lot of nature and wildlife. We strive to maintain our land as an environment that supports a rich diversity of life.

Recording our wildlife at White Horse, Uffington

Next time you're out for a stroll at a beautiful countryside place, look into the grass, the hedges or the trees around you and you'll be amazed at the creatures you'll find scurrying about. Andy Foster has the task of finding and recording as many species as he can so we know how best to look after these wonderful places.

Elusive pine martens caught on camera

We've captured the elusive pine marten on film at the Crom Estate in County Fermanagh, as part of our efforts to find out more about this rare and protected species.

Wild places

Fingle Woods, Devon

Fingle Woods, Devon

Our woods, wetlands and fens are under threat from the weather. We're working with local communities to secure the future of our places for future generations.