Our places provide habitats for lots of different species of wildlife. We're working to ensure that these places and their residents remain protected

A grey seal pup

We're working hard to protect...

The rare Barbastelle bat

Bats at our properties 

Every species of bat in the UK can be found at places under our care. Some of the rarest and most important bat roosts in the country can be found in our buildings and trees.

Top natural habitats

A Robin resting on a fence post

Our guide to birdsong 

Ever listened to cheerful chirping and wondered just what was behind the melody? Our birdsong guide will help you out.

Wicken Fen - Bittern


Wicken Fen is home to some of our rarest and most endangered species. Discover more about Wicken's amazing wildlife

Safeguarding nature

Find out how we're helping to look after natural habitats and native species