Explore The Workhouse with the aid of a mouse

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Younger visitors have a new challenge awaiting them at The Workhouse this season. A new children’s guide and trails are available to explore the nooks and crannies around the property and discover more about workhouse life.

Mary mouse and George the cat

The guide follows workhouse characters Mary, a pauper mouse and George, the Master’s cat who give their own special perspective on life in the institution. Families can explore The Workhouse together or older children can use it independently.

Trails to collect

Four new trails complement the guide, each based around real workhouse characters. Pauper children, Kate Parker, Joseph Disney and Master and Matron each have a trail and on completion children can collect a special stamp which permits their release from The Workhouse.

Child inspired

Maddie Ball aged 11, our youngest Workhouse volunteer, has been instrumental in the development of the guide. ‘I’ve really enjoyed working on the guides, I can’t wait to see other children try out the trails and see if they can find the answers to the questions,’ says Maddie.

Family connections

Maddie is the youngest member of the three generation Ball family all of whom volunteer at The Workhouse in a variety of roles.

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