Fire at Fyne Court

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Very little remains of the original house Andrew Crosse lived in at Fyne Court.

In 1894 a fire tore through the building, leaving most of the property so devastated by the incident that nearly the entire house was pulled down.

At Fyne Court you can still see the old music room, as well as the library and some out buildings.

You can imagine the scale of the original house when standing on the lawn in the courtyard, as this is where the building once stood.

How the fire started

The blaze was believed to have started when a housemaid left unattended a candle she'd been using to heat curling tongs.

Servants and neighbours fought the fire before the eventual arrival of the fire brigade, who'd struggled up from Taunton.

No one was hurt, but most of the building was damaged beyond repair.

A man of mystery

The story of Andrew Crosse remains a bit of a mystery, as most of the records and valuable manuscripts, outlining the family history, were destroyed.

This makes the story of Andrew Crosse and Fyne Court even more intriguing.