The jaws of Borrowdale

Castle Crag © Paul Harris

Castle Crag

Above Grange Bridge, Borrowdale is constricted between the steep slopes of Kings How & Castle Crag. Carved by ice, and eroded through thousands of years, this narrowing is popularly known as 'The Jaws of Borrowdale'.

Clothed in wonderful woodland, and with crags abounding, exploring this area is, in essence, an intimate experience. In the valley bottom the River Derwent is supremely attractive, great for a riverside picnic, a paddle or even a swim.

From Bowderstone Car Park, a lovely ten minute stroll will take you to the most famous boulder in Lakeland, the Bowderstone, a natural tourist attraction for the past 250 years. Elsewhere, deeper delving will reveal ancient quarry workings. Nature is gradually reclaiming these, forming interesting new habitats. One disused example was used as a summer home by Millican Dalton the self styled 'Professor of Adventure'. For wider views, try tackling the two mountains in miniature, Castle Crag or the less busy Kings How.

Both will make you work hard, but the rewards far outweigh the effort.