Kid's adventures on Holmwood Common

Our great outdoors really is great - a playground for crazy creatures, awesome antics and hidden treasures. Go on one of our exciting adventures or step inside your own imaginary world and invent your own... 

Why not join our 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ challenge? Head to the 50 things website, where you can sign up, tick off activities (some of them included below) and upload photos of your adventures, too.

    Find your way with a map and compass

    Child with a compass

    There are lots of tracks and footpaths over our common’s 644 acres, some of them unchartered – perfect for an intrepid explorer. Bring your compass and Ordnance Survey map Explorer 146 and set off on an adventure...

    Climb a tree

    Children climbing a tree

    We’ve many fantastic trees for you to climb. Pick one that has strong branches and that you can reach from the ground. See how high you can climb – what can you see?

    Don’t forget that you’ll have to climb down too...

    Take a look inside a tree

    Old tree Holmwood Common, Surrey

    There are many old trees on Holmwood Common, some over 200 years old. Look inside the hollows and see what you can find. Do any bugs live there?

    Track wild animals

    Girl looking at nature

    The common’s ground is often wet and muddy, perfect for seeing the indented footprints of many creatures – birds, rabbits and deer. You’ll also see many horse hoof prints, but can you track a roe deer? 

    Look out for other clues – fur hooked on bushes and poo on the ground...

    Balance on a fallen tree

    Boy balancing on a log

    You’ll find many fallen logs on the woodland floor. Check that it’s not too slippery - stand up tall and start walking. It helps to have your arms out wide to stop you wobbling.

    Build a den

    Den building Limpsfield Common, Surrey

    Search the woodland floor, like many birds and animals do, and collect bits and pieces to make a den. Look for sticks of all sizes and dry leaves to make a comfy seat.

    Run around in the rain

    Rain dripping off leaves

    Put on your wellies and raincoat and feel the refreshing rain drops on your face.

    Go mad and splash in puddles or stop and watch the glistening droplets dripping from the leaves.

    It might be handy to bring a towel to dry off with...

    Feed the ducks on Fourwents pond

    Ducks on a pond

    Bring some bread and feed the ducks on Fourwents Pond. Who is on the pond today?

    Why not bring your sketch book and see what you can draw?

We hope you have fun on Holmwood Common. Don't forget to visit again and try some new adventures...