Cleddau Woodlands

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Explore some of Pembrokeshire's hidden places - our woodlands and creeks on the shores of the Cleddau waterway.


Lawrenny Wood is one of the last fragments of ancient oak woodland to survive in Pembrokeshire. Perched on a bank overlooking the Cleddau waterway, the stunted and gnarled oak trees occupy land that was always too steep and rocky to farm. Rowan, holly and wild service trees grow under the oaks above a ground cover of heather, bilberry, woodrush and bracken.

A fine circular walk starting from Lawrenny Quay takes you north through the wood, east along the estuary at Garron Pill and back by road through the village. Look out for waders and wildfowl, as well as little egret, in the creek.

Little Milford

This attractive woodland slopes down to the shores of the Western Cleddau south of Haverfordwest. Once an ancient oak wood, three quarters of the oaks were cut down by the previous owner to make room for commercial conifers. We're gradually restoring the wood to its former glory.

There's a fine footpath network, with a variety of possible circular routes, as well as a bridleway. Two National Trust holiday cottages stand near the shore.

West Williamston

Enjoy the salt marsh and mudflats with wide views up the river and the chance of a migrating osprey in autum. Just around the corne are the rocky creeks of former limestone quarries. The woodland and dense blackthorn scrub is home to one of Pembrokeshire’s scarcest butterflies: the brown hairstreak.

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