The House of Peckover House

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Peckover House, built c.1722, stands on the North Brink on the banks of the River Nene.

The two brinks, which follow the line of the river and face one another across its banks, are revered for their architectural quality, and the dramatic effect produced by the linear development of warehouses, public buildings and houses.

Peckover House, the most distinguished house on the Brinks, breaks the street line by being set back from the terraces to either side.

Wings for the library and service areas

To the east and west of the main block of the house are curving single storey extensions, which house the library wing and the service areas and the remnants of the former bank building.

The Norwich architect Edward Boardman designed the wings in 1877-8 for Alexander Peckover as part of his extension and remodelling of the house to accommodate his extensive library and re-use the space vacated by the Peckovers' banking enterprise in 1878.