Discover delightful views at Mynydd Mawr

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Be prepared to get blown away by awesome coastal views in all directions. Mynydd Mawr will reward you with delightful views - west to the Irish coast, east to Snowdonia, north to Anglesey and south to Bardsey Island.

Enjoy superb sunsets, wonderful wildlife and panoramic views of mountains and seascapes which lend themselves to a peaceful atmosphere.

Sound of silence

Experience total peace and quiet at the very tip of the Llyn Peninsula. One of the most noticeable things about this special place is the lack of man-made noise. Relax and unwind with nature’s chorus - the sea, the birds and the wind.

Rare species

The coastline paths around Mynydd Mawr are a great place to see a number of rare species, such as golden hair lichen, spotted rock rose and the distinctive chough.

The chough with their red bill and legs are a member of the crow family. They fly along the cliffs showing off their mastery of flight with wonderful aerial displays of swooping and diving.

Got any questions?

Why not pop into the coastguard hut, where one of our volunteers will be more than happy to have a chat and answer any questions you might have about the area.

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