Autumn Colour at Anglesey Abbey © Howard Cooper

Autumn Colour at Anglesey Abbey

Awesome Autumn

This month the rich vibrant colours of autumn break out throughout the gardens.

Enjoy a walk, create some wild art, build a den, learn to climb trees, have a game of conkers and play in piles of leaves.

Collect your bucket of 'Wild Art' materials from the Visitor Centre or head to the Pinetum to take part in our conker challenge.

Garden of statues

Discover Anglesey Abbey’s impressive sculpture collection

Lord Fairhaven was an avid collector of statuary, particularly mythological and biblical subjects.  You'll find statues all around the gardens in open spaces and hidden areas.

Avenues of trees

Jubilee Avenue looking glorious in the autumn

The gardens at Anglesey Abbey are marked with avenues of trees.

Full of flowering daffodils in spring and crisp fallen leaves in the autumn they are the perfect place for a peaceful stroll.

Acres of space

Explore the vast open spaces of Anglesey Abbey

Wide open spaces, endless lawns and wildflower meadows - there is plenty of green space to wander through at Anglesey Abbey.

Sit down with a book, enjoy a picnic or let your children explore.

Wildlife Discovery Area

Exploring hidden nature

Exploring hidden nature

Explore our Wildlife Discovery Area this autumn - spy on wildlife, build a den, create some wild art and enjoy the view from our giant tree house.

Plant Centre

Flowers on sale in the Plant Centre

If you have been inspired by what you've seen in the gardens, why not visit our Plant & Garden Center.

We stock an impressive range of seasonal plants, bulbs and furniture for your garden.


A garden for all seasons

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