Green activity in Greenway garden

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Pupils from Galmpton Primary School have begun work on their plot on the Greenway vegetable patch, eager to start planting after the success of last year’s class. This year Gardener Juliet Stubbington is helping the group discover the joys of growing their own food.

A new look

The vegetable patch at Greenway is now in its fourth year, and even received a re-vamp last year with the addition of raised beds and a new shed. This will allow the current pupils to be really proud of the work they're doing as it visually separates their work from the rest of the walled garden.

A broad range

In the first session, the pupils planted broad beans and potatoes and cleared old crops and weeds from the raised beds. Other crops to be planted this year include khol rabi (voted for by the students) and an edible flower section which will include nasturtiums, borage and chives.

Ongoing project

Children from year four will visit the plot every week and help to plant and tend the vegetables as they grow. This is a fantastic project which will enable the school to strengthen its links with Greenway and teach the students where their food comes from. Most importantly though, we hope there will be lots of delicious vegetables for the pupils and their families to eat at the end.