Wildlife walks this autumn

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Autumn is a fantastic season to get out and about in the British countryside and discover some very special wildlife so we’ve selected some of our favourite self-guided walks at places we look in for you to do just that.

Deer rut rambles

One of nature’s most spectacular autumn sights is the red or fallow deer rut as male deer (bucks) compete for females (does). The drama and noise as bucks lock antlers and call loudly for does is an unforgettable wildlife wonder.

Witness the deer rut at:

Red squirrel walks

Red squirrels are one of our most popular and well-loved native mammals and autumn is the ideal time to see them. Sadly, threats from American grey squirrels, disease and loss of woodlands mean they’ve become a rare sight but careful conservation is helping boost their numbers.

Fungi forays

Autumn is the time fungi ‘fruit’, displaying a variety of shapes, colours and textures on woodland floors and on trees. Foraging for mushrooms is a great autumn activity – make sure you take an identification guide or expert with you.

Go in search of fungi at:

Seaside strolls

Our coastline and estuaries are full of life during the autumn. September ushers in the start of the Atlantic grey seal breeding season and the chance to spot seal pups as well as the arrival of migrant birds such as brent geese on our shores.

Spot a seal pup at:

For the best view of seal pups in autumn take one of our boat tours to see them at Blakeney Point or the Farne Islands.

Look out for migrant birds at:

Ancient tree ambles

We care for some of the UK's most ancient and notable trees and have been recording them at places we look after. These venerable old trees are rich in wildlife and biodiversity and are often at their most striking during the autumn months.