Coleton Fishacre's 'Opening Closed Doors' is ready

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Over the past two years, we've been very busy with our Opening Closed Doors project at Coleton Fishacre. It began because our visitors always asked the same questions: ‘Where is the kitchen?’ or ‘Where are the servants’ areas?’. So when the our staff accommodation was no longer needed, visitors and volunteers asked what it would be used for.

Ideas for change
We considered a re-creation of the servants’ and maids’ bedrooms, and making a holiday cottage or what about a staff meeting room? As property and regional staff discussed the various ideas, these became more ambitious and began to encompass more of the house. This became the Opening Closed Doors Project.

Your votes
You voted to give us a clear idea of what they'd like to see re-created and re-interpreted in various areas of the house.

The result was that you wanted to see the servants’ areas and to understand what they did there. You wanted to know the story of the people who had lived and worked at Coleton Fishacre.

What will you see now?
The project was completed for the 2012 season. Newly opened areas include:

  • kitchen
  • servants’ hall
  • laundry
  • pantry
  • guest bedroom
  • servants’ bedroom and bathroom
  • and more...