The Palladian Bridge at Prior Park

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The Palladian Bridge was built in 1755, the last of three of its kind built in England.

Probably Prior Park's best known feature, the bridge is an elegant and eye-catching example of Palladian architecture.

It was created in the 18th century by local entrepreneur Ralph Allen, with advice from 'Capability' Brown and the poet Alexander Pope.

Palladian architecture reached the height of its popularity in England during the 18th century.

Venetian architect Andrea Palladio inspired the building of structures such as the bridges at Prior Park and at Stourhead.

Palladio himself was influenced by the classical architecture of the ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans.

Restoring the bridge

We carried out major restoration work on the bridge between 1993 and 1995.

We removed tons of silt from the smallest lake and restored several features of the bridge.

We used a lighter touch to avoid damaging the stonework and to protect the 18th-century graffiti.