50 things to do before you're 11¾ at Prior Park

You can complete ten of your 50 things here, so come and visit to start ticking off your list.

    Build a den

    Den building

    Visit our new natural play area at the bottom of the garden and discover what nature has left you to build a den.

    Run around in the rain

    Boy with an umbrella at Nymans

    Grab your coat and wellies and splash about at Prior Park.

    Hunt for bugs

    A bug crawling on a child

    There are lots of bugs hiding in the garden. Why not stop and look under logs and leaves and see what you can find.

    Balance on a fallen tree

    A child balancing on a fallen tree in the garden

    When you've finished building a den down in our natural play area, balance on a fallen tree and see how long you can stand up there for.

    Roll down a really big hill

    A person rolling down a hill

    Who could resist rolling down the hill by the Horseshoe walk in the middle of the garden? Make sure you check the ground first as we often have cows visiting.

    Set up a snail race

    People watching snails on a wall

    Go hunting for snails and look out for our snail racing boards in the Summerhouse to set up your very own snail race.

    Climb a tree

    Up a tree in the garden

    Come and climb one of the trees in the natural play area - remember to keep three of your arms and legs on the tree at all times though.

    Dam a stream

    A small stream in the Summerhouse glade at Prior Park Landscape Garden

    Discover the fun of damming streams. Come and follow the stream in the Summerhouse glade and use stones and twigs you find nearby. Have fun smashing it down when you've finished.

    Make a mud pie

    Two boys making mud pies

    Try making your own delicious mud pies in the Summerhouse glade. Don't try and eat them though.

    Climb a huge hill

    If you're leaving out of our main entrance, you'll be climbing up a huge hill to get to the top. You'll feel on top of the world when you've finished.