50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ at Hatchlands

We have plenty of open parkland and woodland, full of everything you need for excellent adventures. You can complete 18 of your 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ here, so head for Hatchlands and start ticking activities off your list and adding entries to your scrapbook.

    Hill rolling

    View from the hill at Hatchlands Park, Surrey

    02 – Roll down a really big hill
    Head out towards our woodland and between Great-Wix and Little-Wix woods, you’ll find a big grassy hillside ripe for rolling down. You might want to plan your route carefully as our cows sometimes roll around here too.

    Wood work

    Den building

    04 – Build a den
    12 – Make a trail with sticks

    Take a trip to Wizard Wix’s Willow Warren, our natural adventure area. There’s a big dead wood pile with branches, bark, leaves and everything else you need to build a great woodland den. Pick out some of the straight sticks and use them as arrows to make a trail that twists and turns around trees and over logs. How long can you make your trail?

    Rainy day fun

    Children with umbrellas in the rain

    06 – Run around in the rain
    13 – Make a mud pie

    You can still have fun on a rainy day. There’s plenty of room to run around and when it’s wet there’s mud, glorious mud. Don’t forget about the cows though, make sure it’s the right kind of mud in your pie.

    Parkland playtime

    Hatchlands kite

    07 – Fly a kite
    25 – Make a grass trumpet
    16 – Make a daisy chain

    Our big open parkland means there’s plenty of space to fly a kite. It also means that if you look carefully on the park, you’ll find just the right type of grass for trumpeting, look for wider blades for maximum volume. Amongst the grasses you'll find daisies to pick and make a chain from - how long can you make it?


    Apples hanging from tree in the sunshine

    09 – Eat an apple straight from the tree
    21 – Pick blackberries growing in the wild

    In autumn, you can find both of these delicious fruits here. There are blackberries in some of our hedgerows and apple trees dotted around the park. Wash them before you eat them.

    Bonkers for conkers

    Jam-jar of Conkers collected by children at Mottisfont, Hampshire

    10 – Play conkers
    We have lots of huge horse chestnut trees ready to provide you with battle worthy 76’ers. Bring a string and a playing partner, and smash away. Mind your knuckles.

    Tree-mendous times

    A felled tree at Hatchlands Park, Surrey

    01 – Climb a tree
    22 – Explore inside a tree
    33 – Catch a falling leaf

    We leave dead wood in the park as a habitat for wildlife so there are fallen trees to walk on and some still standing with holes and lightning strikes to peer into. You can’t climb up these trees because they’re not strong enough. If you want to climb then pick a strong, live tree with branches close to the ground so you can get up and down easily - if you’re not sure ask us. Pick a live tree with lots of leaves in autumn and try to catch one as it falls – it’s harder than you think.

    Animal magic

    Going bird watching

    34 – Track wild animals
    44 – Go bird watching

    Our woodland is a great place to search for animal tracks, wait for a wet day when the ground is soft to see footprints. There are loads of birds to spot too. Check for Egyptian geese by the pond, woodpeckers in the woodland and spot birds of prey in the open park.

    Bugging out

    Identifying bugs

    31 – Hunt for bugs
    Because of the dead wood we leave around there are hundreds of species of bugs for you to find, including some that are really rare. Check under big logs or stones, in the dead wood piles and the holes in standing trees.

    Nature walks

    Brown long eared bat

    40 – Go on a nature walk at night
    We run guided bat walks throughout the year. In summer, you can come along at dusk for our bat walks – an expert will take you around the park searching for the 10 species of bat we have here. You'll even get to use a special bat detector. Check our events page for details.

We hope you had fantastic fun accomplishing your activities. Don't forget to pick up your 50 things stickers and add them to your scrapbook when you get home.