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Help your children get closer to nature

Forest Schools

Forest School is a Scandinavian concept from the early 20th century where children learn to build beneficial relationships with nature.

As the name suggests, it's schooling in the woods, but the children lead the way, with supervision. Children build dens, cook on fires and learn to use tools whilst developing social and physical skills.

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If you're interested in bringing a learning group to Basildon Park please call 0118 9767 360 or email us.

Bring a group to Basildon Park

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    School groups

    We welcome school groups and aim to be flexible to accommodate your needs.

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    The University of the Third Age

    We often have visits from U3A groups who come to share enjoyable learning experiences.

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    Foreign groups

    With written guides available in a number of languages, your group can enjoy discovering Basildon Park.