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Notice: We’re sorry that the tower and boardwalk in the Outdoor Adventure Playground is currently closed. The rest of the adventure playground is open so there’s still lots to enjoy! Phase 2 is also now open.

Belton Remembers

The perfect English country house?

Built for Sir John Brownlow in the 1680s, Belton House has all the design features of a classic English country home. Sitting in formal Italian and Dutch gardens and an historic 1300 acre deer park, Belton is often cited as the quintessential country house estate.

The estate also includes a restaurant, café and indoor play area, gift and garden shops and the recently restored outdoor adventure playground (opens 31 March).

Belton Remembers

One hundred years ago, the tranquil and scenic parkland of the Belton estate was a very different place. Lord Brownlow had given over a huge area of the park for the war effort and, in 1915, it became ‘home’ to tens of thousands of soldiers from the Machine Gun Corps. In 2015 Belton remembers this vital and fascinating part of its history.

Come and explore the impact that the presence of the camp had on the estate, and discover stories of people who prepared for war in such a stately setting.

There will be exhibitions in the mansion and stables throughout the year as well as events to mark the centenary such as living history, a garden fête, walks and talks. Families can visit the Discovery Centre for trails, period games and even try on some costumes.

Outdoor Adventure Playground

Phases 1 & 2 of the refurbished adventure playground are now open.

Come and check out the bespoke new play equipment, and rediscover some old favourites that we couldn't let go!

Phase 2 features a brand new train station and even more new play equipment. If you'd like to keep up to date with developments, check out the adventure playground blog.

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