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The rural retreat of T. E. Lawrence

'I've a hut in a wood near camp wherein I spend my spare evenings' - the words of the legendary Lawrence of Arabia, about Clouds Hill.

This tiny isolated brick and tile cottage in the heart of Dorset was the peaceful retreat of T. E. Lawrence ('Lawrence of Arabia'). The austere rooms are much as he left them and reflect his complex personality and close links with the Middle East, as detailed in a fascinating exhibition.

Please note: Because the cottage is much as Lawrence left it, there is no electric light and we keep light levels low to protect the original contents. This adds to the authentic experience at the cottage, but some visitors may wish to time their visit to take advantage of the longer, lighter days of summer.

What's on

Lawrence & Friends

On several dates during the summer, Tim Laycock will be performing stories, songs and music in celebration of Lawrence and the interesting friends who visited him. Booking not required.

New café

T E Lawrence kept his Brough Superior motorcycles in this shed

Lawrence didn’t cook at Clouds Hill, he eat mainly from tins, and his guests did the same, wandering about as they did so. Tins of stuffed olives, salted almonds and Heinz baked beans were prominent on the menu. Now you can eat like Lawrence and his guests, with a new self-service catering offer in the motorbike garage providing tea, coffee, flapjacks and tinned ‘dainties’.

Volunteers wanted

Leith Hill Place baking volunteers

Join our team

We're looking for more volunteers particularly for helping on Reception. Duties include providing a warm welcome, issuing tickets and checking cards, managing the shop stock and selling membership guide books and raffle tickets. Please call 01929 405616 to find out more.

Walk the Lawrence of Arabia Trail

View of Clouds Hill from the ridge

View of Clouds Hill from the ridge

Why not try a walk along the Lawrence of Arabia Trail, which takes you through idyllic country lanes and leafy woodlands. This circular trail passes Clouds Hill and has branches to take in Bovington's famous Tank Museum, and the churchyard of St Nicholas' Church in Moreton, Lawrence's final resting place.

Please use one of the walkers' car parks not far from the cottage.

For schools

This Lawrence of Arabia education pack is one of the outcomes of a cross-curricular creative project 'Castles in the Clouds' in 2014. Suitable for Key Stages 2,3 and 4, the activities can be used as individual lessons or could form part of a larger cross curriculum.