Butterfly spotting on the Isle of Wight

A male Glanville fritillary enjoys the sun

Providing good habitats and being slightly warmer than mainland Britain, the Isle of Wight is an ideal place to spot butterflies, and the prime butterfly sites are on land cared for by us.

Forty three of the UK’s 61 butterfly species are resident on the Isle of Wight and nearby Hampshire, and three more are regular visitors.
One butterfly, the Glanville fritillary, is found on the island and almost nowhere else in Britain.

A butterfly special to the Isle of Wight

Sudmoor on the seaward edge of the Mottistone Estate is a great place to spot butterflies, especially the rare Glanville fritillary. By far the largest population in the UK is found on the cliffs here on the south coast of the Isle of Wight.


Where to go?


Paradise on the Isle of Wight butterfly walk

Walk the chalk ridge running through the middle of the Isle of Wight on this butterfly walk and spot Adonis blue, small blue, dark-green fritillary and Glanville fritillary.