Folding napkins in the Servants' hall © Rob Coleman

Folding napkins in the Servants' hall

Take a trip back in time

Take a trip into Felbrigg’s past with an immersive day of learning outside of the classroom.
Role-playing, object-handling and a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of one of the National Trust’s finest country houses.
With programmes and activities suitable for History and English topics at Key Stages 1 and 2.

Would a Victorian lie to you?

Puzzling kids

Take part in a ‘call my bluff’ game and handle objects from the past.

Puzzle out what a wide range of strange looking objects were used for. What can they tell us about the way people used to live?

The Servants' Hall

A polished performance

A polished performance

What was it like to work in the big house? Dress up and try your hand at a range of tasks to see if you would get the job!

Book a visit

Book a visit

Take a tour of the Hall when it is closed to the public and be wowed by the splendid Great Hall and the spooky Library! Find out more about booking and planning a visit.

Educational group members

Look and learn

Look and learn

Guided sessions are free to Education Group members of the National Trust and are available on Thursdays and Fridays.