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Eating and shopping at Gibside

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Couple wander around the greenhouse that once grew lemons and oranges

Couple wander around the greenhouse that once grew lemons and oranges

There's lots of goodies on offer in the shop, including Wendy Moore's 'Wedlock' - a book about Mary Eleanor Bowes and Gibside. It's a really fascinating read about her life and how Gibside came to be...

And one of the best things about visiting the shop, is that every penny you spend goes straight back into conserving this special place for everyone to enjoy.

Meet the suppliers

Chicken or egg. Which came first? © NTPL/David Levenson

Lintz Hall Farm

The wonderful hens that lay the free-range eggs we use for all sorts here at Gibside, have a very nice life indeed. Just two miles up the Derwent Valley at Lintz Hall Farm they roam free all day long, chilling out and having a whale of a time.

Meet the suppliers

Cows grazing the grassy plain © David Levenson

Northumbrian Pedigree Milk & Cream

This high quality milk doesn't come from just any cows... It comes from a prize-winning herd of pedigree dairy Shorthorn and Ayrshire cows. Yep, you read right, and just eight miles away near Slaley is where they call home.

Meet the suppliers

Choose the best combination of Cheese and Wine © David Levenson

Northumberland Cheese

The cheese and chutney sandwiches found in Gibside Cafe are made with a generous helping of Northumberland Cheese farmhouse cheddar (which is delicious if we say so ourselves) handmade at a small dairy on the Blagdon estate. 

Meet the suppliers

Three ales from the Westerham Brewery, Kent, won awards © David Levenson

Wylam Brewery

Made just six miles away, down the Tyne, a bottle of ale from this microbrewery is the perfect accompaniment to your lunch. We also offer Wylam brews on tap on a Friday evening at Gibside Pub. Northern Kite and the Rocket are our personal favourites.

Food allergies?

For those with food allergies or intolerances, because mostly everything is made at Gibside, there's always something yummy available made without gluten-containing ingredients. Just ask the cafe staff who will be able to help you choose something that suits you.

Take away

Need a helping hand? Try a Kids Picnic Bag. It's great value and is packed with tasty, homemade treats - perfect for taking for a picnic indoors or outdoors. If you're looking for something more, we can cater for any function booked in the Bowes Room at The Stables.

Our community farm

We have given some farmland to a group of local people who plan to grow their own vegetables and sell them to the community as part of a new and brilliant veg box scheme. Like the sound of it? Get in touch if you would like to get involved or to find out more.