Spotting the signs of spring

Spring is here, with woodland floors carpeted with flowers, frogs croaking in the ponds and buds about to burst.  Who will be the first to spot a swallow returning to nest in the stables?


From our wildlife cam

 The Derwent River borders Gibside to the north. It’s rare to catch a glimpse of an otter on the river, usually we just see their webbed footprints in the muddy river banks, or spraints (otter poo) on prominent rocks and tree stumps. This otter was caught on a trail camera having a good scratch and scent-marking on the riverbank trees.

Gibside Ranger Team springtime favourites

Every season has it's highlights, but there seems to be so much happening in spring as the countryside buzzes with life.  Which signs of spring are our Rangers' favorites?    

Join us for a ramble with a ranger

  • There are a selection of rambles you can join to find out more about the local wildlife throughout the seasons. Rambles start at 2.30pm.
  • Bursting buds 19 and 22 March
  • Nesting birds 23 and 26 April
  • Amphibians 21 and 24 May
  • Butterflies 25 and 28 June

Our Conservation team blog

Our Conservation Team regularly add updates about their work caring for Gibside’s landscape and habitats. Take a look and let us know what you think.