Conservation Ranger Phil out and about looking for wildlife

Conservation Ranger Phil out and about looking for wildlife

Gibside wildlife

From otters to badgers and Red Kites to caterpillars, the rangers manage the land at Gibside with the wildlife in mind.

There's various ways to keep up with what's happening. You can come and look for it here and share your wildlife wows, join a ramble with a ranger (see below) and read the ranger's conservation blog...

Ramble with a Ranger

If you like what you see and would like to get up close to nature then perhaps you'd like to join a ranger for a ramble into the meadows and gardens to discover the variety of beautiful butterflies at Gibside. Learn about their habitat and how to encourage them at home.

Otters on film

The Derwent River borders Gibside to the north. It’s rare to catch a glimpse of an otter on the river, usually we just see their webbed footprints in the muddy river banks, or spraints (otter poo) on prominent rocks and tree stumps. However, the wildlife cam recorded a few on the move...


There's about seven bat species that have set up home here at Gibside, including the common pipistrelle. (With some even chilling out in the Walled Garden wall - seriously!) Some roost in the Stables too. Keep your eyes open and hopefully you'll catch a glimpse.