Find lovely gifts for your special friends in our shop © Mandy Shedden

Find lovely gifts for your special friends in our shop

Packed full of tempting treats

From books to ornaments, our shop is full of lovely things and is great for presents or simply to treat yourself. Whether you need a little gift to thank a friend or something for your home and garden, there is always a delightful selection of choices on offer. Our plant centre is also open, selling garden furniture and plants.

Some great plants for the garden

Some great plants for the garden

Our plant and garden centre

If you love our indoor shop, you'll also like our plant and garden centre. Just a short walk down the drive, you'll find presents for your own garden or some lovely long lasting gifts for your garden loving friends. From beautiful plants to ornamental furniture to sit on and look at them, we've a wonderful selection.

New homes needed

We'd love to join your family this Christmas

These little characters are really looking forward to a new home for Christmas because when the house here is closed it does get rather cold and lonely. We're sure you can find us a nice new family.

Presents on the tree

Lovely ornaments on here for your own tree

Quirky, fun and beautiful ornaments galore. If you love this large Christmas tree and would like to make a smaller version book into our decorative tree and wreath workshop on 24 November.

Everyday special

Discover a world of gifts for your friends

Whether you're looking for something special or something for every day, you'll find a great selection here. There are great items to brighten up your home and yourself for all budgets.

Books for everyone

A selection of ideal gifts from the bookshop for Christmas © Mandy Shedden

A selection of ideal gifts from the bookshop for Christmas

Fun books, history books, children's books, recipe books, gardening books, wildlife books. In fact, books on just about anything you could want - a perfect christmas present for your family and friends.

Decorate your home

Striking Christmas ornaments for your home

If you, like us, love to adorn your home with seasonal ornaments then look no further. These characters in their festive colours will bring fun into your home this Christmas. Beware though, they really don't like to be separated from their friends so you just might have to buy more than one!