Facilities & access


  • Parking - at the entrance to the property, free; donations welcome
  • Toilets - available in Round House (only when open)
  • Dogs - allowed in grounds only
  • Picnic areas - on the lawns and there are some benches dotted around
  • Refreshments - soft drinks and snacks are available from the Round House
  • Pubs - in nearby Monmouth
  • Functions - the Round House can be booked for small events when it is not open to the public

Family & children

  • Ideal tranquil spot for family picnics
  • Croquet set available for hire when Round House is open
  • Children's quiz/trail


  • Mobility parking - one accessible parking space, adjacent to the Round House, beyond the car park
  • Sensory Experience
  • Grounds - partly accessible, hard gravel paths, slopes, many steps
  • Pleasure grounds - mostly lawns
  • Seating - benches are scattered across the property
  • Naval Temple - accessible on one level
  • Round House - first floor only accessible by ramp (please ask the room steward)
  • Pathways - rough and uneven surfaces throughout the property, some level ground. One large flat area of lawn, which is only accessible by crossing other sloping lawns