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Discover the stories behind this eclectic home.

It’s fair to say that Melford Hall has had its share of trials and tribulations, but it’s thanks to many generations from medieval monks to the Hyde Parker family who still live here, that this home still stands.

Around every corner there’s a new twist in the story – from Beatrix Potter sketches to collections of naval paintings and Chinese porcelain – everything tells a story and everyone has left their mark.

Devastated by fire in 1942, it was nurtured back to life by the Hyde Parker family and it remains their much loved family home to this day. It is their stories of family life at Melford – from visits by their cousin Beatrix Potter through to our visitors today that make this house more than bricks and mortar.

Stephanie Hyde Parker's scrapbook

Stephanie Hyde Parker’s scrapbook 

Stephanie Hyde Parker’s scrapbook

In November 1913 Stephanie Hyde Parker was given a red leather bound scrapbook by her parents. She used this to record the places she went and the people she met as she entered the world of a debutante.

Follow her steps in polite society as recounted in words and pictures in her scrapbook..

Sir Thomas Savage

Sir Thomas Savage

Read the story of how the perseverance and serendipity of our volunteers found an unknown portrait of Sir Thomas Savage and brought him home to Melford Hall.

Behind the scenes

Behind closed doors

The front door, Melford Hall © Philip Windsor

Although closed to visitors, winter is when the house team are very busy maintaining the building, cleaning our collection, or re-arranging the rooms. Over the next few months we will introduce you to the varied tasks undertaken by our staff and volunteers as we prepare the for re-opening in the spring

Gutters and drains

Cleaning the gutters and drains using a mechanical lift. © Philip Windsor

One of the first tasks undertaken this winter is the clearing of the gutters and drain pipes. Here we bring in the experts with their specialist equipment. Definitely not a job for the faint-hearted.

Cadbury's Easter Egg Trails

2015 Cadbury Easter Egg Trail logo

Friday 3 to Monday 6 April.

Become an Eggsplorer and solve the clues to claim your Cadbury Easter egg prize. Also join in the Egg and Spoon races  each day and face painting on Sunday.
£2.50 per child + garden admission.