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An aerial view of the Italian garden © Marleen de Kramer

Years of upheaval from root systems, frost damage and wear and tear, mean that the garden is now in need of maintenance and repair and the vast collection of plants is also in need of conservation and refreshment.

Our gardens

The gardens at Mount Stewart were created by Edith, 7th Marchioness of Londonderry.

Visit our gardens page to find out more about our highlights and the stories of our special trees and plants.

Conservation in action

We're bringing back the elegance and charm of the house, when it was home of the 7th Marchioness Edith, Lady Londonderry and her family, in the early 20th century.

We are repairing structural defects and improving heating, plumbing, drainage, lighting, fire systems and security.

Donate to Mount Stewart's restoration project

Specialist conservators are helping in the restoration of furniture © National Trust

Many rooms in the Mount Stewart house are now looking sad. Nearly a century of use, exposure to light and gradual structural decay have eroded the quality and colour of many of the interiors.