Gift Aid

Whole property

  • Adult: £8.00
  • Child: £4.00
  • Family: £20.00
  • Group adult: n/a
  • Group child: n/a


Whole property

  • Adult: £7.27
  • Child: £3.63
  • Family: £18.18
  • Group adult: £6.15
  • Group child: n/a


Garden Tour -- additional charge: £3.50

Find out about Gift Aid admission

Most of our places run the Gift Aid on Entry scheme at their admission points. Under this scheme, if you're not a member you have the choice of two entry tickets:

  • Gift Aid Admission; or
  • Standard admission

If the place runs Gift Aid on Entry, we'll offer you the Gift Aid Admission prices. But it's entirely up to you which ticket you choose. If you want the Standard Admission instead, just let us know when you come to pay.

Gift Aid Admission includes a 10 per cent or more voluntary donation. Gift Aid Admissions let us reclaim tax on the whole amount paid* — an extra 25 per cent — potentially a very significant boost to our places' funds.

An extra £1 paid under the scheme can be worth over £3 to the National Trust as shown below: Payment of the additional percentage donation is entirely voluntary, so if you prefer to pay the standard admission please advise our reception staff at the till point.

Amount paid
by visitor
Tax refund from Government*Total received by the National Trust
Gift Aid admission£11.00£2.75£13.75
Standard admission£10.00£0.00£10.00

Money raised from this scheme goes towards vital conservation and restoration projects at the place you're visiting.

Most National Trust members already pay their subscriptions using Gift Aid, helping us to reclaim many millions of pounds every year at no extra cost to themselves. If you are a member and are not already paying in this way, you can make a Gift Aid declaration to the Trust online. Or you can make your declaration by simply telephoning our Supporter Services Centre on 0844 800 1895.

*Gift Aid donations must be supported by a valid Gift Aid declaration and a Gift Aid declaration can only cover donations made by an individual for him/herself or for him/herself and members of his/her family.

Only 30 minutes from Belfast, it's the perfect place to bring your group © Arnhel de Serra

Only 30 minutes from Belfast, it's the perfect place to bring your group


Discounted group rates are available for parties of at least 15 people with National Trust members enjoying free entry.

Groups can look forward to specialist tours of the house where they will learn about its history and our ongoing project aimed at restoring the house. You may also choose to tour our glorious gardens at your leisure or with one of our gardeners.

Find out what else is available for your group