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  • The dodo terrace by the Italian garden © National Trust / Mount Stewart

    Dodo Terrace

    The Dodo Terrace commemorates the Ark Club, a club set up by Edith, Lady Londonderry, in 1915.

  • Tir Nan Og, the peaceful family burial ground © Helen Harrison

    Tir N’an Og

    The family burial ground which overlooks the lake.

  • The white stag overlooks the lake © National Trust / Mount Stewart

    White stag

    Legend says the white stag takes humans to Tir N’an Og, ‘the land of the everyoung'

  • One of Mount Stewart’s many red squirrels © Trevor Moffet

    Red squirrels

    Red squirrels are on the decline in Northern Ireland but we have a healthy population of them.

Discover the old Walled Garden

The Rose Garden c.1960 © National Trust

The Rose Garden c.1960

This year we have something new to see at Mount Stewart.

At the top of the lake walk you will find a path leading you to what was once the Rose Garden, Dairy and Vinery.

Restoring the historic Walled Garden at Mount Stewart means that we can save the rose garden and home of one of the oldest grape vines in the UK and Ireland, 'The White Syrian' planted in 1769.

Eclectic Garden Seminar - September 2015

Two mythological creatures taken from Queen Mary's Psalter © National Trust

Two mythological creatures taken from Queen Mary's Psalter

This year’s Eclectic Garden Seminar will take place at Mount Stewart on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September 2015. This year’s theme is both eclectic and diverse! Speakers at the seminar are Diarmuid Gavin, Ken Cox and Richard Wheeler.

Places are limited and booking is essential, so make sure to book your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Come and see the beautiful spring flowers at Mount Stewart © Simon Newman

Come and see the beautiful spring flowers at Mount Stewart

What's that plant?

Have you seen a plant you liked on your visit? Not sure what it is? We can help!

Email us and a member of the garden team will identify the plant.

For best results please:

  • Describe the location of the plant.
  • Provide some photographs of the plant and any special features such as flower and leaf shape, colour, bark etc.

Download our walks

  • Red squirrel walk

    How many of these little critters will you spot? A great walk for kids and adults alike.

  • Lake walk

    Feed the birds on the lake, then take a look around Tir N’an Og and visit the white stag.

Learn more about...

The Fitzroya Tree - Growing in the grounds is the Fitzroya tree, a native tree of Chile, and one of the oldest living trees in the world. The story of how it came to be here lies in the 19th century, and connects Mount Stewart with the great man, Charles Darwin.

Garden blog

Jill Russell, our garden blogger

One of our Wednesday garden volunteers, Jill Russell, has been faithfully keeping a diary of her work at Mount Stewart.

You can read it in our reception area or view it online (opens external link).