Worksop walk

5-7 Blyth Grove, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 0JG

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Front Elevation of Mr Straw's House 

Front Elevation of Mr Straw's House




 © Geoffrey Frosh National Trust Images

 © Geoffrey Frosh National Trust Images

Route overview

Starting at Mr Straw's House, walk through Worksop, taking in sites of importance in the Straws' lives such as the Worksop Priory, the Straws' grave sites and their grocery shop.

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Map of the Worksop Walk, from Mr Straw's House, Nottinghamshire
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Start: Mr Straw's House, grid ref: SK589802

  1. Mr Straw's House

    Show/HideMr Straw's House

    The family moved to No 7 Blyth Grove in 1923.

    Front Elevation of Mr Straw's House © Geoffrey Frosh National Trust Images
  2. North Notts College

    Show/HideNorth Notts College

    Walter Straw taught evening classes on grocers' skills at the college. The coffee bean he used is still in the vase on the mantlepiece of Florence's parlour.

    null © Geoffrey Frosh National Trust Images
  3. Worksop station

    Show/HideWorksop railway station

    The station is built in the Jacobean style and is very ornate because it serves the Dukeries.

  4. St John's Church

    Show/HideSt John's Church

    William Straw wrote a book on the history of St John's Church. Copies can be seen on top of the wardrobe in the parents' bedroom.

     © Geoffrey Frosh National Trust Images
  5. Victoria Square

    Show/HideVictoria Square

    Originally called Common End, the Square was later renamed for the Queen's Jubilee in 1887.

  6. Chesterfield Canal

    Show/HideChesterfield Canal

    The canal is 45 miles long, running from west Stockwell to Chesterfield.

  7. Bridge Street

    Show/HideW. Straw, Grocers

    The river Ryton runs underground across Bridge Street near Newcastle Avenue. This area would all have been marshland, where liquorice was originally grown - which is why the public house is called 'Liquorice Gardens'. The family lived and worked at W. Straw, Grocer and Seed Merchant before moving to 7 Blyth Grove in 1923. A photograph of what the shop looked like a century ago can be seen in the visitor reception at Mr Straw's House.

     © Geoffrey Frosh National Trust Images
  8. Corn Exchange

    Show/HideCorn Exchange

    The building dates back to 1851, built of Steetley stone in the Venetian Gothic style. The Winks' butcher's shop would have stood in front of this building, opposite the Straws' grocery.

  9. Abbey Boys' School

    Show/HideAbbey Boys' School

    Both William and Walter attended the school on Vicar's Walk, which is now a Christian centre.

  10. Worksop Priory

    Show/HideWorksop Priory

    William Senior and Mr Winks, the brothers' maternal grandfather, were church wardens at the Priory. William, Florence, David, William and Walter are buried in the Priory graveyard.

  11. Canch Old Pump House

    Show/HideCanch Old Pump House

    The pump house served the corn mill opposite the priory, which was originally a monastery. It was destroyed during the dissolution of the monasteries.

  12. Eastgate


    There were many furniture makers along Eastgate and this is where the Worksop Windsor chairs were made. Examples can be seen in the house, including Florence's childhood seat.

     © Geoffrey Frosh National Trust Images
  13. The Station Hotel

    Show/HideThe Station Hotel

    The hotel was part of the Posting Properties Association and would run train trips from the station with 15,000 people visiting Worksop.

  14. Maltkins


    This is the site of one of many maltkins in Worksop. The railway and canal would bring in important coal and barley for the brewery trade.

End: Mr Straw's House, grid ref: SK589802

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  • Trail: Walking
  • Grade: Easy
  • Distance: 2.5 miles (4km)
  • Time: 2 hours
  • OS Map: Explorer 270
  • Terrain:

    Urban terrain through residential streets, walking through uneven churchyard.

  • How to get here:

    Cycle: NCN6, ¾ mile

    Bus: services from Worksop

    Train: ½ mile from Worksop station

    Car: follow signs for Bassetlaw Hospital and Blyth Road (B6045). Blyth Grove is a small private road off B6045, just south of Bassetlaw Hospital A&E entrance. House signposted with black and white sign at the entrance to Blyth Grove

  • Facilities:

    Parking and toilets at Mr Straw's House

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