Newtown National Nature Reserve

Clamerkin panorama at Newtown National Nature Reserve
The windswept east bird hide overlooking Clamerkin Lake at Newtown, IW National Trust / David Harrison EXP Digital

A quiet backwater with a busy Medieval past, now bursting with wildlife

Newtown National Nature Reserve

Things to see and do

Newtown National Nature Reserve


A silver-washed fritillary which benefits from our management of Walter's Copse
Silver-washed fritillaries benefit from our management of Walter's Copse Matthew Oates

Walters Copse 

Discover how Walters Copse has changed from meadow land in the middle ages to the special group of trees we now find here today.

A clear view over the salt pan lagoon
The salt pan lagoons John Faulkner

The salt industry 

Although no commercial salt has been made here for over 80 years, the salt lagoons were once part of a thriving industry.