Polesden Lacey

The long walk at Polesden Lacey in Autumn
Long autumn shadows at Polesden Lacey Eddie Hyde

The perfect setting for an Edwardian country retreat

Polesden Lacey

Things to see and do

Explore the house and the surrounding estate


Polesden Lacey

What's on

What's on at Polesden Lacey

A 1930s Christmas party

Polesden Lacey

Eating and shopping

Our shop, the Granary Café and the Cow Shed

Polesden Lacey

Our work

A spiny puffball on the woodland floor.
Spot a variety of rare and beautiful species on Ranmore Common National Trust / Andy Goodwin

Our conservation project 

A large proportion of our estate is an SSSI so whether you're walking, exploring or just wandering around you can find out more about what we're helping to conserve, which includes bats and orchids.

Polesden Lacey


A group of people stand beneath a stone archyway surrounded by trees.
Polesden's senior gardener leads a group tour. National Trust

Plan your group visit 

Perfect for a group day excursion, rich in history and set in the Surrey countryside, it's also a great place to stop for lunch or cream tea after one of our group talks.