Quarry Bank

Quarry Bank Mill in the autumn
See beautiful autumn colours at Quarry Bank National Trust/Derek Hatton

One of Britain's greatest industrial heritage sites, showing how a complete industrial community lived

Quarry Bank

Things to see and do

Child in Victorian costume next to Chirstmas tree
Can you find the Christmas party? Emma Williams

Victorian Christmas at Quarry Bank 

The Quarry Bank workers have to finish their jobs before the festivities can begin. Can you help them get to the Christmas party?

View of Quarry Bank Mill from the Upper Garden
Quarry Bank is a great destination for a group visit Quarry Bank / Nick King

Group visits 

Bringing a group of 15+ people? Find out about our special offers for groups.

Quarry Bank

What's on 

Family visitors spotting wildlife in the garden at Quarry Bank
There will be even more to see and do at Quarry Bank in the future ©National Trust Images / John Millar

What's on 

We have amazing events running throughout the year, from exciting new exhibitions to festival weekends. Come along and join in the fun at Quarry Bank.

Quarry Bank

Our work

Historic image of the Glasshouse with dogs sitting on the path outside
The Glasshouse in its full glory Quarry Bank Archive

2016: Bringing the beautiful glasshouse back to life 

The glasshouse at Quarry Bank Mill is a very early example of an iron-framed hothouse, built sometime in the early 1830s. Find out more about its history and plans for a much-needed renovation.

Help us to preserve the glasshouse at Quarry Bank
The glasshouse in the Upper Garden Quarry Bank / Nick King

Sponsor a pane 

We’re restoring the curvilinear Glasshouse at Quarry Bank and you can help by sponsoring a pane of glass.

Quarry Bank

Eating and shopping

Christmas jams, chocolate and decorations at Quarry Bank
Enjoy mulled wine jam and Christmas pudding chocolate at Quarry Bank Emma Armstrong

Shopping at Quarry Bank 

You can take a piece of Quarry Bank home with you with a purchase from our gift shop; pick up cloths and fabrics made on our very own looms. Peruse titles in our second-hand bookshop or even donate some unwanted books of your own.

Quarry Bank


 A list of rules which were on a sign displayed to the workers at Quarry Bank Mill
The archive is full of items relating to Quarry Bank Quarry Bank Archive

Bringing the Archive to life 

There are lots of weird and wonderful items on show at Quarry Bank, but did you know that there are thousands more behind closed doors? Our Collections and Archive team are working to make more of the objects available for you to see online and in person.

Portrait of Samuel Greg who founded Quarry Bank
The man who shaped destiny of Quarry Bank Mill Quarry Bank Archive

Samuel Greg and the beginnings of Quarry Bank 

Discover the origin of Quarry Bank and the man behind the vision, Samuel Greg.

Historic image of mill workers from Quarry Bank
Mill workers from Quarry Bank Quarry Bank Archive

Hard day's work 

Although the Gregs of Quarry Bank were kinder to their workforce than many in the era, living conditions in the Mill were still very tough.

Cast of the Mill on set at Quarry Bank

Channel 4's "The Mill" 

In 2013 and 2014, Quarry Bank inspired the historical drama series 'The Mill' on Channel 4. Based on the lives of real people, the drama told the story of young 19th century apprentices taking their lives into their own hands.

Quarry Bank

Get involved

Quarry Bank

Venue hire

Bride and groom
Quarry Bank is a unique venue for weddings National Trust Images / Megan Taylor

Tying the knot 

We can promise that your wedding will be far from run of the mill at Quarry Bank. With quirky spaces and beautiful gardens and meadows for picture-perfect memories you can create a day to remember.

Quarry Bank


Children in costume sit outside the Mill
School children take a break outside the Mill David Watson

Time to learn 

Students from primary school right through to university can benefit from our education programme. We can tailor sessions to meet your needs or you can enjoy self-led explorations to inspire.