Bring your furry pal for a walk in the woods this winter © David Watson

Bring your furry pal for a walk in the woods this winter

A big hello to our furry pals

Bring your dog along on your visit to Quarry Bank for some fantastic walks! Styal estate contains nearly 400 acres of ravine woodland and pasture for them to explore.

Whilst dogs can't come in the café, you can buy a biscuit for your canine friend or sit outside the pantry with them and enjoy the best weather the UK can offer!

A day in the life of Basso

Basso loves living on the Styal Estate

Basso loves living on the Styal Estate

Basso lives here with his human, Lead Ranger Simon, on the Styal Estate and has done since he was a puppy - 6 years ago now. His days are full of adventures, and no two days are the same for our beloved four-legged friend.

Basso's daily routine consists of waking up early with Simon, having a spot of breakfast and then off to work at 7.30am each day. Basso goes everywhere with Simon although he's not particularly keen on those long boring meetings. But Simon usually makes it up to Basso by taking him on a brilliant walk through his favourite place on the Estate; Larch Woods near the Oxbow.

He loves his role as Quarry Bank's Engagement Dog as it means he gets to be centre of attention and meets lots of other dogs and their humans.

At the end of a busy day of meeting new furry pals and helping out Simon, there's nothing Basso loves to do more than curl up in his bed in the Estate office, well that's if Simon hasn't tried to give him a bath with the hosepipe.

Basso's top things to do:

  • Make new pals

    Meeting other dogs and their owners - Basso loves making new friends

  • Walkies

    Get your human to take you to the larch woods near the Ox-bow lake - it's Basso's favourite place...

  • See wildlife

    Try to spot some of those funny looking birds called herons along the banks of the River Bollin

  • Bound

    Basso thinks there's nothing better than chasing after pesky grey squirrels

  • Chomp

    Basso loves eating the dog biscuits baked daily at the café

Basso out and about the Styal Estate © Quarry Bank Mill Images

Basso out and about the Styal Estate

Basso's handy tips

Basso wants you to stay safe...

  1. Be careful when walking by the River Bollin - the current can be very strong.
  2. Pop your lead on in the gardens, meadow and village, especially if you're around grazing animals as they get very jumpy.
  3. During nesting season (Feb-June) keep an eye out for ground-nesting birds across the estate.