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Stackpole outdoor learning



Take a look at all the things you may see and do at Stackpole. We can't pack everything into one week, but if there's something you're desperate to do then let the teachers know. We'll see if we can fit it into the fun-packed week you're going to have with us.


Ready for snorkelling © Louise Smithson

Ready for snorkelling

We've a great team at Stackpole. Here you'll find out who's who on the staff Stackpole team.

John Muir Award

Gaily painted wheelbarrows © Jane Mason

Gaily painted wheelbarrows

You'll be doing your John Muir Award with us. To gain this award you'll need to 'discover', 'explore' and 'conserve' a wild place at Stackpole - then go back to school and share with others why wild places are important. Find out more about the award and John Muir on the John Muir Award website.

Eco Centre

Going green at Stackpole Centre for Outdoor Learning © Louise Smithson

Going green at Stackpole Centre for Outdoor Learning

We're proud of what our guests do to look after the environment at Stackpole. Everyone here gets involved in looking after our planet. Find out how you'll make a difference and can continue to do so after your stay with us.

Scrubby Bottoms

Welcome to Scrubby Bottoms © Dan Lane

Welcome to Scrubby Bottoms

Scrubby Bottoms is our little woodland which is cared for by school groups and volunteers. Maybe you'll be able to help us to make a difference. We even have a composting loo.