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Meet our wildlife cameraman

Meet Jim Bebbington, our volunteer cameraman, who with his wife Marilyn have captured some remarkable wildlife moments at Stackpole. We think they've been accepted  as honorary otters by our otter family.

Badgercam magic

The birds of Stackpole

See if you can spot a teal at Stackpole

See if you can spot a teal at Stackpole

With autumn approaching, our songbirds are either getting ready to migrate, or forming flocks that will roam the woods in winter. The only birdsong you're likely to hear is the robin's - they sing all year round.

Otherwise it's just the squeaks and twitterings of flocks of birds staying in contact with eachother.

There are flocks of linnets, and noisy stonechat families, on the coastal scrub. Skylarks spend the winter here, but our wheatears are leaving.

Choughs spend the winter in small flocks foraging for food. You'll need to look carefully for them, as there are also huge flocks of jackdaws wheeling around the cliffs.

Any day now, we'll start to see ducks arriving to spend the winter on the lakes. Look for the dabbling ducks - mallard, teal, wigeon and gadwall - in the shallower, reed-fringed sections.

Marine life off Stackpole Quay

  • A sea hare © Francis Bunker

    Sea hare

    A beautiful sea hare poses on a frond of weed.

  • Underwater world near Stackpole Quay © Francis Bunker

    Underwater cave

    The magical underwater world accessible to snorkellers and divers off Stackpole Quay.

  • A divers' paradise off Stackpole Quay © Francis Bunker

    Kelp forest

    Part of the kelp forest off Stackpole Quay.

  • Cuttlefish © Francis Bunker


    Cuttlefish swimming near Stackpole Quay. They can change colour rapidly if danger threatens.

  • Corkwing wrasse © Francis Bunker

    Corkwing wrasse

    This beautiful fish, which looks as if it belongs in the Tropics, lives  around Stackpole Qu...