Canoeing and fishing at Watersmeet

Canoeing on the river

Enjoy a day fishing or canoeing on the river at Watersmeet.


You are welcome to canoe on the East Lyn River from Watersmeet House down to Lynmouth between 1 October and 31 March, if there is enough water.

Before you visit

Read our canoeing leaflet. There is a guage under the bridge at Watersmeet House, if the water level is 'green' you are welcome to canoe. If the water level is 'red', it's too low for safe paddling.


Salmon - The season runs from 1 March - 30 September (catch and release only until the 16 June).
Sea trout and brown trout - The season runs from 15 March - 30 September (no worm or maggot until 1 June).
Day and week permits available from Watersmeet House and other local businesses, click below for details.

Biosecurity for boat and kayak users

If you kayak on our rivers then please take the time to click through the link and read how you can help avoid spreading non-native species on clothes, equipment and boats.

Disinfecting fishing tackle

If you fish in any of our rivers then please take the time to have a look at the Environment Agency's information on disinfecting your fishing tackle. It's an easy way for anglers to help in the prevention of spreading fish diseases.

Canoeing and fishing leaflet

Plan your fishing or canoeing trip with this leaflet.