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Magnificent coastal site overlooking the English Channel

These high chalk cliffs look out onto the English Channel, giving far-reaching views towards the French coast.

The best way to see the cliffs is to take a walk along the coastal path towards South Foreland Lighthouse. You’ll get a great view of the cliffs and also see the chalk grassland that’s home to so many unusual plants and insects like the chalkhill blue butterfly and the pyramidal orchid.

The cliffs also have a special place in our national history and they were used for defence in both World Wars. You’ll see reminders of this past all along the cliffs from the slit trenches dug by soldiers to the concrete remains of the range finding station.

What we're working on this Winter

The Winter season can be one of the busiest for our conservation team, from clearing scrub on Foxhill Down to repairing and replacing our picnic tables, we've got lots of big and little jobs to keep the place in good condition.

Going underground at Fan Bay

A tunnel into history

A tunnel into history

We're starting work on a major new project to uncover a forgotten Second World War underground shelter. Over the coming months we'll be working to clear the site of spoil and uncover the sound mirrors before opening to the public in 2015.

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Great British Walk

Take a walk along the famous White Cliffs as part of the Great British Walk. We've made a walking guide with some of the things that you can see while you're out and about.