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Return of the ponies

Taking in the view

Taking in the view

This spring, our herd of Exmoor ponies has returned to the cliffs. For the first time in over 100 years, there’ll be ponies grazing the area above the Port of Dover, on a newly constructed site. As part of the project, we have installed a fence around the whole area. However to protect the beauty of this special place, wherever possible, we've tried not to let the fence spoil the view. We've also put in loads of gates so you can take a walk with the ponies and enjoy the view too.

What we're working on this summer

  • Access management, making sure paths are clear and cutting back any growth across footpaths.
  • Bringing back the Exmoor ponies from their winter feeding areas to Foxhill Down.
  • Improving the presentation of the site, repairing fences and checking signs and seats.
  • Management of the new land in our care, cut and collecting the grass after the birds have had the seeds.
  • Working with the Fan Bay Deep Shelter volunteers to prepare the area around the tunnels.

The secret life of bats

We’ve taken part in a survey to learn more about bats that visit the cliffs. We hope to find out about the different species that live here and where they’ve come from.

White Cliffs wildlife

We do all we can to protect the environment for plants and animals. The cliffs are a hugely important habitat for rare wildflowers and many types of birds nest on the cliff-face. 

Caring for the cliffs

Our conservation team work hard throughout the year to maintain the cliffs for visitors and wildlife alike, find out what we do and why we do it.

Working together

We're working with then Up on The Downs Landscape Partnership to improve the cliffs for visitors and wildlife, as part of a Heritage Lottery Fund project.


Helping care for this special place

Our conservation volunteers form the backbone of most of the work that we do here to conserve the clifftop environment. Meeting weekly the team help with everything from fencing and step repairs.

Join in

Find out all the latest information and photos from the cliffs and what we are doing to protect them. You can also find out how you can join in with our work.